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She has a certain
je ne sais quoi that
charms everybody.



We believe in preserving
the planet and people
in everything we do.

JNSQ is committed to start a positive revolution. We are focused on all facets of ethics and sustainability, from the materials we source, the factory we work with, the transport,... We continually challenge ourselves to make all our clothes with greater care for people and the environment, lowering our impact as much as possible by:

- using only certified fabrics

- working with a small factory in Bulgaria

- using hangtags from recycled paper

- making timeless collections

- using brandlabels from bio cotton and recycled polyester

- ignoring sales, after one season our pieces are still as beautiful as always

- sending the collection without using individual plastic bags


We push for a fashion
industry that we can be
proud to be part of.

Each and every season JNSQ is a work in progress.
We are proud of the changes we have made so far, even though we understand there is so much more to do.

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